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Get equipped! Our on demand workshops will help you learn classroom and behavior management methods to conquer classroom chaos, stop undesired behaviors and create a positive class environment.

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Tame The Talk Workshop

Tired of students talking while you are trying to teach? Get strategies and tips to help you reduce and stop unwanted student talking in your classroom.

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Double Trouble Workshop

Facing disruptive AND disrespectful student behavior at the same time? Learn strategies and a process to prevent and manage these challenging behaviors.


Classroom Management Framework

Manage your class with confidence! Use our simple framework to help you set up a customized classroom management system that works.



Workshops are an effective way to provide focused learning opportunities for your staff.

Feed Their Needs offers a variety of workshops for successful student management. We can present customized workshops based on your school or district needs. We also have a list of workshops you can choose from:

1 - Classroom Management Framework


Teachers will learn how to set a proactive classroom management framework in their classroom to support student learning and promote academic and behavioral progress.    


2 - Teach Practice Respond


This workshop represents an integrated system that effectively and proactively manages and significantly decreases repeated student misbehaviors. Participants learn methods and practices to introduce and implement replacement behaviors with their students. They will learn how to support positive student behavior choices and provide effective feedback to motivate and reinforce appropriate, productive, and responsible behaviors in the classroom and school environment.


3 -Tools for Effective Classroom Management


In this workshop, participants will learn ten essential strategies/tools for solid overall classroom management.  We cover how to prevent and address general student misbehaviors. We also provide strategies on how to motivate and maintain positive and responsible student behaviors.  Teachers will learn classroom management strategies and implementation methods that address and reduce student misbehaviors in the classroom and school environment. 


4 - Setting the Tone for a Positive and Safe Classroom 

Provides participants with strategies and methods that promote positive social behaviors in the classroom and make social and emotional learning (SEL) a part of the learning and class culture. This workshop also shows educators how to communicate in a way that helps students feel valued and respected as they engage in learning.

5 - Overcoming Teacher Burnout


This workshop will help teachers effectively identify the signs and symptoms of teacher burnout, provide practical steps to overcome teacher burnout and gain an understanding of the far reaching effects it has on student outcomes, performance and its impact on the school community.


6 - 7 Keys to Managing Difficult Students 

Learn classroom management strategies and implementation methods (7 Keys) that address and reduce student misbehaviors. Provides participants with time management strategies that protect, provide and maintain instructional and planning time.


7 - Student Engagement and Motivation 

This workshop presents an approach to motivation and engagement to provide teachers and students with tools to increase practice research-based processes to help them envision a new understanding of their own pedagogy. Participants will also develop new conceptualizations about a pedagogical approach.

*Customized Workshop


We recognize that each school and district is unique and has varying needs and goals. We offer customized workshops for the entire staff and departments or teams. We work with school administrators and support staff to develop tailor-made single workshops or as a series. You can expect professionalism,  excellence and a little bit of fun from a Feed Their Needs workshop experience.


How can we best assist you with your workshop needs?
In order for us to provide the best service possible, please complete the online request form. Your request will be sent to the Feed Their Needs team. Please allow two business days for a response.

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