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To empower teachers and school staff to manage classrooms and student behaviors strategically and successfully. So often in the education system, we feel powerless to affect behavior change with our students in a real and lasting way.


It is possible to get the class and school environment you want if you make strategic choices on a consistent basis. That is why we teach student management principles, strategies, and implementation steps that help prevent, reduce, and stop student misbehaviors while increasing and maintaining positive and responsible behaviors.



Change is possible if you want it and work for it.

We believe that change is possible for any classroom or student.  Although the level of change is based on a variety of factors, knowing that improvement is achievable can make all the difference in your efforts to manage students better.


Positive and proactive are the best approach

We believe it is ineffective to wait for an issue to arise in the classroom or to focus only on the negative aspects of a student’s behavior.  By being positive and proactive, you are more likely to prevent undesired student behaviors and create a respectful and productive class environment.


To support you in your management journey

We understand that implementing strategies that motivate change and structure is not always easy.  That’s why we provide follow-up support for all programs and services.


To provide sound student management information.

We are committed to sharing management tools and strategies that are not only effective but researched and/or classroom tested.  We know that solid information implemented well produces a successful management experience.

Michele Holiday - Behavior Strategist - Feed Their Needs

Hi I’m Michele Holiday, a Behavior Management Strategist and the founder of Feed Their Needs, LLC.

I  provide practical strategies and implementation know-how for teachers and school staff who want to THRIVE not just survive in the area of behavior and classroom management.

As a former behavior specialist in the 6th largest school district in the country, I  have worked with numerous educators, administrators, and support staff teams who wanted functional and effective strategies and interventions for students who continuously displayed difficult and disruptive behaviors.


The Behavior Strategist for Teachers

Throughout my 20-year career in education, 15 years specializing in behavior, I developed hundreds of behavior and classroom plans that have resulted in reduced referral rates, safer classroom and school environments and happier students and teachers! 

I also created and conducted school-based and district professional development trainings to equip school staff with principles, methods and tools to succeed in managing their classrooms and the student behaviors they face throughout the school day.

My specialty is helping you manage student behaviors like a Classroom CEO, strategically and efficiently.  

If that’s what you are looking for…YOU are in the right place!


In my first 3 years of teaching, I struggled with classroom and behavior management.  The majority of my students demonstrated behaviors that were disrespectful, disruptive, and destructive on a daily and weekly basis.  


Although I majored in Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities in college, I quickly learned that knowing and then applying that knowledge was a huge challenge in a real-life classroom.  With the stress and frustrations that were building from dealing with persistent student misbehaviors, I heavily considered quitting my teaching career and starting over to do something else. 

My patience and teaching ability were tested hourly.  I felt as if I had aged about 10 years and it was a STRUGGLE to just have 20 minutes of peace on any given school day. Oh, things got real!


After some major soul searching during a reflective summer, I decided that my love for teaching was stronger than the struggle I was facing.

I made the decision to learn everything I could about behavior and how to motivate behavior change in my students.  Through further education, collaborations, mentoring, and research PLUS a whole lot of trial and error in my own classroom, I was able to build a toolbox of principles, systems, and strategies that totally transformed the environment in my classroom.

Word spread about my classroom transformation and my ability to reduce and stop behaviors in even our most challenging students.  Soon, I was asked to take on other struggling students from different classrooms. I applied the same principles, systems, and strategies and yes, they worked!

That’s when my love for seeing behavior change in students began.  Later I became a school-based Behavior Specialist, where I worked with students K-12,  teachers, teacher assistants, and a safety team. Years later, I progressed to become a Program Specialist for Behavior for the school district, where I worked with 30-50 schools a year.

My experiences over the last 20 years have never been boring, a little crazy, and most importantly -INVALUABLE! It hasn’t always been easy to navigate the world of classroom and behavior management, but I wouldn’t change a thing because now BEHAVIOR IS MY JAM!


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