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Feed Their Needs offers a multi-tiered behavior and student

management support program called 


In this program, individual schools, school districts, and student-based organizations are provided with a combination of services aimed at enhancing school, classroom, and behavior management. These services include:

Tier 1: Workshops
  • Weekly, monthly, and quarterly In-person, Virtual and On-Demand sessions are offered.

  • Focus on delivering management systems, strategies, and implementation methods.

Tier 2: Consultations
  • Tailored guidance and support for addressing student misbehaviors.

  • Strategies to foster a positive, respectful, and responsible learning culture.

Tier 3: Coaching Services
  • Personalized coaching sessions for teachers and school staff.

  • Emphasis on practical implementation of learned methods and strategies.

Program Objectives:

Upon participating in these services, teachers and school staff can expect to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Development of Strong Management Skills:
    • Implementation of effective strategies for managing classrooms and behaviors.

    • Ability to handle various situations strategically.


  • Creation of a Positive Classroom Environment:
    • Establishment of emotionally safe spaces conducive to learning.

    • Promotion of respect and responsibility among students.


  • Prevention of Instructional Disruptions:
    • Techniques to minimize disruptions and maintain focus on instruction.

    • Ensuring uninterrupted learning experiences for students.


Professional Development Workshops are based on a combination of the needs of the school and the workshops Feed Their Needs provides. These workshops can be directly customized to meet the current needs of the school. Each workshop is interactive and includes a visual presentation and handouts or a workbook.

Q & A Sessions are participant-guided.  Questions concerning classroom and/or behavior management can be submitted prior to the session or during the session in real time. Participants will leave the sessions with strategies and tips they can use in the classroom or school setting.

Consultation Sessions are provided for small groups such as support staff, same grade level teachers, and induction teachers. These sessions can be participant or project guided. Participants will leave the sessions with strategies, systems, and/or action steps to implement.

Coaching Sessions are one-one- strategic conversations where the Behavior Strategist provides support and guidance on specific classroom and/or behavior management questions and concerns. Participants will leave the session with


Programs are customized to fit the needs of the school or district as both parties agree. 

Investment costs are affected by the start date of the program, the number of staff serviced, frequency of service, and the individual needs of the school which may affect the content of their unique program package.

The school or district can schedule a Program Meeting to gather further details and ask specific questions about the programs. 

School program process outline - Feed Their Needs
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