Marketing phot #3Welcome to the Feed Their Needs Website!

Hi I’m Michele Holiday! I’m  Behavior Coach and self-proclaimed encourager of teachers.

I help teachers implement practical behavior and classroom management strategies in their classrooms and school environment. 

The purpose of Feed Their Needs  is to equip educators with the necessary tools that will dramatically reduce or put an end to the challenging behaviors  plaguing their classes.

I truly believe that YOU can have a Rock Star year through effective behavior and classroom management.

With appropriate  strategies applied in the correct way, you can be the CEO of your classroom.  What is a Classroom CEO? A Classroom CEO is a Rock Star teacher who effectively manages the direction, tone and culture of the classroom that he or she leads.

Together, I will help you develop the ability to manage students in a way that makes your experience as a teacher TRULY REWARDING with lower frustration and stress.

As a former behavior specialist in the 6th largest school district in the country, I  have worked with numerous school staff, parents, guardians and caregivers who were at a loss on what to do when their children continuously displayed difficult and disruptive behaviors.

Throughout my 16-year career in education and 10 years specializing in behavior, I developed over 100 behavior and classroom plans that have resulted in reduced referral rates, safer classroom and school environments and happier students and teachers! (Yeah!!)

Now, I have the opportunity to share some of my knowledge and experience with all of you.

It is my goal to help you build the type of classroom environment and culture that will have you jumping out of your bed each morning to get to school.  If that’s what you are looking for…YOU are in the right place!


Next step:

 TAKE ACTION! Choose one of the options below…


Every Tuesday I send weekly letters to my community  via email

where I share practical tips and strategies to build a better a classroom and lessons

I have learned along the way as classroom manager.



I share articles about preventing and managing challenging student behaviors,

practical and actionable classroom management strategies and teacher self-care tips

that will equip you to be an successful Teacher and Classroom CEO.



I work one-on-one with proactive and/or frustrated teachers

through strategic individual coaching & focused group coaching services

to help them implement strategies  for positive behavior change.





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